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bluebar.gif Healed by Jesus
Many of you came to this web page because I or someone from our group prayed for the pain in your body and Jesus Christ healed you through our prayers. You were healed to show you that Jesus Christ is alive yet today and forever. Jesus gave this sign of healing to you to show that He loves you and wants you to become one of His followers. To know more of this process please go to the [Basic facts] page to read about the process to becoming a follower of Jesus. bluebar.gif End Times Articles
Jesus said that He would be back for His Church some day. How close are we to the rapture? Are we in the end times? What about the Left Behind concept? Is this the end time message? The articles below address for the spiritual seeker part of what the church is no longer teaching. Topics covered in the articles are as follows: bluebar.gif End Times Book Page
On the book page is the entire book entitled "The End Time Message For the Church", 290 pages covering the Rapture, true salvation, the Second Coming, the need for holiness, the lateness of the hour, and other end time topics. bluebar.gif Teaching Articles
People cannot be strong Christians unless they know what the Bible says and what it does NOT say. In the last days there is predicted to be many things taught that deviate from what the Bible says. We are in that period of time now.
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