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What if you are left behind?

What if you are left behind?
The Result:

If you are left behind, it is because of one of only a few possibilities:
You are not truly saved. [perhaps by going to church that did not know true salvation, or not going to church at all] You were saved but were not living for Christ. You overcame the world when you were saved, but you still have to obey Christ and overcome your personal sins and attitudes as required in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 and Philippians 2:12. You were not repenting and giving up current sins. You were living for the world and yourself instead of Christ. See my article entitled " The greatest heresy in the church today."

You fell for the heresy of easy believism - faith without turning from your sins [James 2:26]. "Evangelical Faith implies the presence of ALL the Other Conditions for our justification, i.e, repentance, present obedience, full consecration, perseverance, etc., with each manifested as the Spirit gives opportunity." 1

God's conditions for salvation are more than just "believing" and "accepting" Christ. This is the heresy of taking a verse by itself without examining the whole counsel of God, i.e., what does the rest of the New Testament say about the subject, such as Romans 6:1-2 and many others [see the article mentioned above.]

The Decision::
You must now pursue true salvation as described in the article above and the "Basic Facts" article on the web page and learn to give up sins and obey God as outlined in the New Testament.

From My Book:

Once again I will quote from my book "The End Time Message for the Church."
If you have just missed the Rapture then the good news is that it will only be a few years before Jesus sets up his Reign for the Millennium (the 1000 year reign). Unfortunately this time period will be the worst time for mankind since the world began. I am sorry, but things are not going to go well in the world. There will be many that will die and there will be much upheaval in the physical earth, the economic system and the political system.

The first thing you should do is study in detail chapters 6, 7, and Appendix 2 [in my book]. You need to get truly saved and start to study the Bible in earnest. I would recommend the King James Version for sure, or possibly the New King James Version of the Bible as the most reliable. You need to learn rapidly from the Bible how God wants you to act and what to do. Memorize a lot of Scripture. You will have to mature in Christ very rapidly. You may have to quickly learn how to depend on God for everything and to live by faith. God still wants to do miraculous things for you during this time. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Healing is still for today. Miracles are still for today. But there are lying signs and wonders today also [2 Thessalonians 2:9; Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22], and they will get worse over time. Use discrimination. Do they exalt Jesus or man? Demons are still real. You will still have a certain power and authority over the enemy. Take what the Bible says at face value (See Chapter 4). Learn how to forgive, take captive your thoughts and imaginations, and only think as God would have you think. See my web page for more details.

On the other hand you can only ask God for things that are promises in the Bible. He does not promise to keep us from persecution, or to keep us from problems. He does not promise to keep people alive during this time period unless it is His will. Most [tribulation] Christians will die within the first few years due to wars, famine, or persecution.

You need to read the Book of Revelation, Daniel, Zechariah, and Isaiah chapters 37-48, among others, just as I suggested in the previous chapters - with the Grammatical-historical-literal as the author intended approach taking things at face value unless it is obviously symbolic or using literary devices or is the exception mentioned in Chapter 4. Horrendous things are going to take place in short order.

If you are still here, you probably were not taught the truth about true salvation or had not been willing to change up to this point. Stay away from groups that do not know the truth. Instead you should carefully seek out friends or small groups that have learned the real truth about salvation. This may be difficult or impossible depending on where you are located.

There will be a peace treaty shortly after the Rapture has taken place. How soon this peace treaty takes place is uncertain. Some people think right away. Others think there may be a war first and then a peace treaty. So it could be any time from right away to three years or so after the Rapture before the peace treaty is signed. Once the peace treaty has been signed that confirms a previous covenant (as stated in Daniel 9:27) then in a little less than seven years Jesus will return to set up His kingdom.

Before that happens there will be major wars, pestilences, plagues, and all the things mentioned in Revelation chapters 4 through 19. In the first three years of the tribulation as it states in Revelation 6:8, many of the world's population will die just from the fourth seal alone.

You can get more details on the subject of this chapter at the following web address: [New site is] This is not my site, but it has a collection of Left Behind-type letters [and now a survival guide]. I only glanced at one of them, but they may be of great use to you during this time period on subjects and details that are beyond the scope of this book.

At my own site I will eventually have more detailed information on topics pertaining to this book as well as many other topics on growing in grace. This site is located at

[End of Book Quote:]
1 dated 5-15-2005, p.3