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The book entitled "The End Time Message for the Church" that you can download below in various forms or that you can buy from tells how to be ready for Jesus to arrive in history once again. On the End Times Articles page are several articles that take exercpts from the book to discuss various aspects of the themes of the book. But there is much more depth in the book itself with information not covered in the articles.

Or download individual sections below. It is important to read each section in order.


Chapter 1. Why Write This Book?

Chapter 2. Signs of the Times (The Prophetic Time-line).

Chapter 3. The End Times View of Israel.

Chapter 4. Errors in Biblical Interpretation down Through the Centuries.

Chapter 5. The Jewish Wedding Pattern.

Chapter 6. True Salvation.

Chapter 7. What happens after salvation?

Chapter 8. The Seven Churches of Revelation.

Chapter 9. Revelation Groups 1 & 5: Clothed in White Raiment.

Chapter 10.The Race and the Prize.

Chapter 11.The Crowns and Rewards.

Chapter 12.Revelation People Groups 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.

Chapter 13.The principle of Separation

Chapter 14.What about the Rapture?

Chapter 15.Getting Ready for the Rapture.

Chapter 16.Clues about the Rapture.

Chapter 17.What If You Miss the Rapture?

Chapter 18.Endnotes.

Appendix 1: Prophecies of the First Coming of Jesus (A Sample).

Appendix 2: Salvation Information - Tract

Appendix 3. Repentance in the Old and New Testaments

Appendix 4. Explaining "It is Finished".