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Who we are in Christ

The importance of Knowing who we are in Christ
Agreeing with what God says about us.

So far, hopefully, you have read the book "The End Time message for the Church" [or at least the articles in the End Times Articles page on the website] where you found that God's Word is true and accurate, you have learned about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and that it is for everyone, and you have learned about tongues and that we should all use our private prayer language frequently. We now go to the next step and shall learn more about how to apply God's Word to ourselves. In this short article we will learn to get our thinking to line up with what the Bible says.

Once we are born again with the new creation the devil will try to weaken your faith with fear and doubt. Therefore one of the first things that you should do to mature in the faith is to determine who you are in Christ. You must get your thinking to agree with what God says about you in His Word, the Scriptures. Once you start to believe what God says about you, you faith will increase and you will be more in tune with His program. You will have put on the shield of faith against doubt, wrong thinking, and unbelief from the enemy [Ephesians 6:16].

We will list some things that God says about us by categories:
YOU ARE NOW A NEW CREATION, NOT A PRODUCT OF YOUR PAST. YOUR PAST IS OLD HISTORY TO GOD, GONE AND FORGOTTEN: Psalms 25:7; Psalms 103:12; Isaiah 43:25; Hebrews 8:12; Hebrews 10:17.

Some of God's promises


It is a this point that those in the faith movement in general do not adequately explain what they mean about confessing and possessing. If you don't understand the basic principles about the process and what is happening you can confess all you want but all you will possess is a sore mouth or a sore throat. You can blab a lot but all you will grab is hot air.

There is no power in your words. That would be mind over matter. There are some people that believe that. But it is not Biblical. You can confess all you want, but it means nothing in the spiritual world UNTIL certain things happen. This is what trips up most people.

So what are the basic principles? Faith is like your muscles or a person's singing ability, for example. The more you exercise it, the better the talent becomes. When you memorize God's word and confess it out loud, what is really happening is that you are training your spirit. Faith is developing in your spirit [heart], and in your mind. The combination of praying in the spirit [tongues] , meditating [pondering, thinking about or considering the implications of the Scriptures], and confessing out loud Scripture promises will do wonders for your faith.

The Bible says that it will be done unto you according to your faith. When your spirit has heard you confessing the Scriptures long enough your spirit will believe what you have been saying. When your mind has been meditating long enough on the Scriptures for your mind to be in agreement with your spirit, then things will happen. It is at this point that God can start to respond to what you have been saying because your spirit has developed faith in what you have been saying and your mind no longer has doubts. Now God can respond because you are confessing in faith in your mind and spirit and He will give to you according to your faith.

This is why a lot of people have done a lot of confessing but did not receive. They perhaps did not have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, or don't pray a lot in tongues, which is necessary to develop your faith for great exploits. Or perhaps they did not meditate on the Scriptures long enough for the truths to take hold in their spirit and mind. Or they did not properly understand who they were in Christ and were confessing negative things in this area, which would counteract positive confessions in other areas [Matthew 15:8]. If you are thinking negative and confessing positive, they are canceling each other out. That is why we need to get our thinking and our confessing to agree. If you don't really believe what the Scriptures say, you can confess all you want and nothing will happen. Your spirit is confused and nothing will happen. And perhaps they did not complete the process to properly develop their spirit.

There are certain conditions to be on speaking terms with God and for acting according to God's principles for living by faith.

And, of course, there are potential hindrances to answered prayer, such as unforgiveness, unconfessed sins, activity in forbidden activities, etc. If this is the case, God is not listening to your prayers [Isaiah 59:2]. In addition there is the perception that answers should happen immediately. That would be a miracle, which does happen on occasion. Most of the time, the answer comes slowly, such as in most healings. You are progressively improving and eventually you are completely healed. So don't throw away your confidence just because nothing happens immediately. Now, if nothing happens for a period of time, then you have missed it somewhere. See what we have written above plus we will talk more about this in subsequent articles.

You will need to search the Scriptures for yourself to find promises that you need, but I have included a short concordance and scripture promise list to get you started. We will discuss this more in other articles.

In the next article we will summarize how this article relates to our spiritual warfare.

What you say is what you get by Don Gossett, 1976, Whitaker House