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The greatest heresy in the church today

The greatest heresy in the church today.

To understand this heresy today we must explain some background first. This is because the church has been deceived into an improper understanding of salvation in most churches today. The first step to salvation is to repent

Most people use these verses for an understanding of salvation. But a doctrine cannot be determined by taking 2 or 3 verses out of context. We need the whole council of God; e.g., what does the rest of the New Testament say about the subject?

Ephesians 2:8-9 is sufficient to have an intellectual or head knowledge understanding of part of the elements of salvation, but not enough to actually get saved, for salvation is of the heart and not the head.

That is why many, many people in the western world have said a prayer thinking they are saved, but they did not become a new creation and are still living in sin. Most churches are filled with people that act very similar to those in the world.

They were not told the entire gospel and have believed and are relying on a half-truth to get them to heaven. Unfortunately they are in trouble. They have missed several steps toward true salvation. The first step is repentance for their sinful ways and actions. This is mandated by Jesus:

It was also conveyed by Paul:
It was confirmed in Romans:
It was conveyed by Paul to the Corinthians:
And it was even preached by Peter:

And they all said the same thing. A person must repent in order to be saved. So what does repentance mean? Basically it means to turn from your wicked ways and follow God's ways. It means to turn from your selfish, humanistic ways to God's ways. It means to give up your sinful ways and pursue holiness as defined by God.

When you do this, you become a new creation as defined in 2 Corinthians:

The old things that have passed away are the old humanistic ways and sins that we used to do. When we start this process of changing by obeying God, we have passed from death to life.

The key here is those who "heareth my word". And one of His primary commands was to obey His commands.
Se we see that true salvation includes 3 steps.

First we hear the gospel and understand that we cannot make heaven based on our merits and that we are on the way to hell. Once we understand this we are salvation ready, but we are not saved. Next we must decide whether we are willing to take up our cross and follow Jesus:

Here is where many people in this country miss it. They are willing to say the prayer because that is easy. But they are not willing to take up their cross and follow Jesus. If you do not, and are not willing, you are not saved. When you take up your cross, that means to abandon your sinful ways and start obeying Jesus. When God sees that you are willing to start this process, He will make you a new creation and your heart will be transformed, and not before.

God's goal for us is holiness.
Because if we do not pursue holiness, the results will not be to our liking:

For more details on this subject, go to my book entitled "The End time Message for the Church" listed on the bookpage.

In summary, true salvation consists of:
    Understanding that we are sinful and destined for hell based on our own merits.
  1. Understanding that Jesus saves if we follow His way.
  2. To follow His way, we must repent of trying to get to heaven our way and repent of our sinful ways. This repenting means that we are willing give up our self pleasings ways and are willing to do things that please God.
  3. After we do the above steps and mean them deep in our heart, when we repent and accept Jesus as our savior he will transform us and make us a new creation, ready for good works that He has prepared for us, not ones that we think up ourselves.

Many people today have believed the false doctrine that conduct is of no importance in the Christian life. They believe that the question of sin was settled on the cross. What they do does not matter as long as they believe correctly. They profess faith in God and live like and love the world. These people are humanists and not Christians.

They believe that they are free in Christ and therefore do not have to follow God's moral law. They have not studied verses like:
And finally:
So, you see, this easy believism, professed by many today, called by the technical term antinomianism, is not biblical and is another gospel.