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The Blood Sacrifice

Our current topic is "The Blood Sacrifice"
This is a continuation from "The Original Sin."
Questions to be answered are as follows:
  1. Who provided the way of escape from the penalty?
  2. What is the plan of God?
1. Who provided the way of escape from the penalty?
God then provided for them by killing innocent animals and shedding their blood and providing coats of skin for them ( the first shedding of blood for sin).
God provided the animal sacrifice as a covering for them. This was symbolic for the future atonement.
Atonement is Hebrew word "Kaphar" which means to cover and make reconciliation. Throughout the OT the guilt of the transgressor is passed from himself to the sacrifice and the innocence is transferred by imputation (to recken or put down to a person's account) to the transgressor. But how could God just forgive us if he hates sin, cannot look on sin ,and is a just God. What about justice, judgment, and penalty?
All evil in this world WILL be punished. No one will get away with sin.

Even though they may be having fun in this life, they have a black cloud called "wrath" over their head. How can God just forgive our sins? He can't and won't!! A price must be paid. Justice must be served!

What about his justice? What about his actions in the old testament? How is the new testament different? We have to start with this question:
What is sin? Isaiah 14:12-14. I will [self-will, self-centeredness], instead of God's will.
I want to do it my way
Look where it gets us!!
Leviticus 17:11 -- For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. NOT JUST A DEATH!
Some call this the butcher shop gospel
Some call this the blood theology
Some say this is ugly and evil to shed blood like this -- but remember -- sin is also evil in God's eyes.
Some say-- surely God doesn't require all this shedding of blood -- surely He can't be pleased with this!

Let's look and see!!

Now how do you suppose that Cain knew that God had no respect for his offering?
Let us find out.
So you see it appears that one way that they knew that He had respect for a sacrifice was if fire came down from heaven. I believe that this is how Abel knew that his sacrifice was accepted and Cain knew that his was not. God was serious in that the atonement was through the shedding of blood of an innocent sacrifice all through the OT and into the NT. A person is either accepted or rejected on the basis of his sacrifice to God.
And of course today in NT times we are talking about the perfect sacrifice of Jesus for us -- if we accept it. Not just His death, but HIS BLOOD. Next, we will cover "The Perfect Sacrifice".