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The Blood Covenant


The entire Old Testament is a picture of his salvation message in Jesus. What seemed to be meaningless rituals, customs, and happenings was really a shadow of the picture of salvation thru Jesus.

The Old Testament tells what is going to happen. The New Testament tells that it did happen. It is the story of God entering into a blood covenant with man thru the Lord Jesus Christ. A blood covenant between 2 parties is the closest, the most enduring, the most solemn and the most sacred of all contracts. Read the Hebrew ritual below and see how it describes what we acquired through salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ. See how it explains in more detail the extent of our salvation.
The Hebrew ritual of the blood covenant between 2 males:
  1. I TAKE OFF MY COAT OR ROBE AND GIVE IT TO YOU. A person's robe represents the person. Symbolically, I'm giving you all of myself. My total being and my life, I pledge to you.
  2. I TAKE OFF MY BELT AND GIVE IT TO YOU. My belt holds my armor "together"; my dagger, bow and arrow, and sword. I'm saying here is my strength and all my ability to fight. If anybody attacks you, they are also attacking me. Your battles are my battles and mine are yours. I will fight with you.
  3. CUT THE COVENANT Take an animal and split it down the middle. This is only done in a covenant ceremony.
    1. We stand in between the 2 bloody halves of flesh with our backs to each other. Then we walk right thru the bloody halves making a figure eight and come back to stop facing each other.
    2. In doing this we say we are dying to ourselves, giving up the rights to our own life and beginning a new walk with our covenant partner unto death. Each half of the animal represents us. It says "God, do so to me and more if I ever try to break this covenant."
  4. RAISE THE RIGHT ARM AND MIX BLOOD We raise our right arms, cut our palms and bring them together and let our blood mix. Then we swear allegiance to each other. As new blood mixes, we believe our lives are intermingling and becoming one life. So we are putting off our old nature and putting on the new nature of our blood covenant partner.
  5. EXCHANGE NAMES. I take your last name as part of my name and you do likewise.
  6. MAKE A SCAR We rub our blood together and make a scar as a permanent testimony to the covenant. The scar bears witness to the covenant we have made. It is there to remind us of our covenant responsibilities to each other. It is the guarantee of our covenant. It was a reminder to any would be attacker that he would also have to fight the covenant partner.
  7. GIVE COVENANT TERMS All my assets are yours. All my money, all my property. and all my possessions are yours. If you need any of them just come and get it. What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine, assets and liabilities.
  8. MEMORIAL MEAL Eat the memorial meal of bread and wine, symbolizing being one together in a new nature.
  9. PLANT A MEMORIAL We now leave a memorial to the covenant. We do this by planting a tree that we have sprinkled with the blood of the animal. The blood sprinkled tree, along with our scar, will always be a testimony to our covenant.
From now on we are known as friends. You become friends only after you have cut covenant. And all our children are included in the covenant, even unborn ones. When they are born and come to an age of understanding about our covenant, they can choose to stay in it, or reject it. See 1 Samual18.1-9 as an example of a covenant between David and Jonathan that was fulfilled in 2 Samual 9 when Jonathan's son lived with King David.

David represents GOD.

He loves his creation and wants to shows us mercy and kindness. He wants to adopt us, to sit at the table with HIM and live in a mansion He's prepared for us. Unfortunately we are rebellious and want to do our own thing. We don't want anyone telling us what to do, especially GOD.

We don't know GOD loves us and wants to bless us. We have always been told He is a God of wrath and wants to bring judgment on us so we are afraid of him. The Bible says in 1 Peter 1.18 that Jesus was forordained before the foundation of the world to be the lamb without blemish and without spot that would be sacrificed for us. He took on a body, born on the seed of the woman, not man, so the blood flowing thru his veins would be uncontaminated by sin.

In Luke 22.14 he gathered his disciples to participate in the covenant meal of bread and wine. After the meal Jesus went out and left a memorial to the covenant. He planted a tree, and he poured blood on it -- his own --. He poured out all his blood at the foot of the cross (tree). He took on our own robe of self-righteousness which is like filthy rags (Isaiah 64.6).

He took on our nature God says: Here are the terms of the covenant. And there is even more. Summary:
So you see that studying this ritual gives us a more robust understanding of how strong our salvation is in Christ and gives us a better understanding of what the covenant includes. We will expand on this in other articles.